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Arielle Sheri Pritchett

Graphic Designer

I knew from a young age that I would become an artist. I would rather be drawing, painting, or cutting up things to glue to paper than spending time in front of a tv or computer. I would get bored easily, and my parents were always finding new hands-on projects for me to do to stay entertained.

My mom still tells stories of how I used to draw a line down the middle of my coloring sheets and color the left half with my left hand while I filled in the artwork on the right with my right hand.

Unfortunately, as you grow older you start to hear the negatives that come with a career in the creative. I would hear how I’d “never make a living” or the infamous “starving artist” catchphrase. It always annoyed me to have to validate my dream career path. I would find different jobs that would fall under the “artist” category and show people how much money they were making or how happy they’d looked. I learned through this process about graphic design and soon realized that it could be a profitable business, while still allowing me to keep and use my artistic abilities on a day to day basis.

So here we are, 8+ years in the industry

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